GYNAGYN PH TEST DEVICE is a reliable, hygienic, pain-free method of determining the vaginal pH level.

As soon as the convex pH measurement zone on the applicator comes into contact with vaginal secretion, a color change occurs that can be assigned to a value on the color scale. This value is the test result.

GYNAGYN PH TEST DEVICE is a patent pending medical product. 

GYNAGYN PH TEST DEVICE is a vaginal applicator of approx. 3 inch in length with a pH measurement stripe integrated into it (MERCK pH indicator rods, pH 4.0 - 7.0, non-blood, 1.09542.0001). The vaginal applicator consists of a round handle area and an insertion tube of approx. 2 inch in length. On one side at the tip of the insertion tube is a window, where the indicator area of the pH strip is located (pH measurement zone).

The round handle makes it safe to touch the vaginal applicators. The vaginal applicator is inserted approx. one inch into the vagina and the pH measurement zone is pressed gently against the back wall of the vagina. This moistens the pH measurement zone with vaginal secretion. The vaginal applicator is then removed from the vagina and the pH level is read.


Determining the vaginal pH level is simple and completely pain-free. Relax and follow the steps below exactly.


1. Wash your hands before starting the test.




2. Open the package, remove a test and open the foil. Only touch the applicator in the round handle area. Hold the applicator in the handle area between your thumb and index finger, as shown in diagram 1. The thumb should always be kept on the side of the vaginal applicators opposite to the pH measurement zone. If you use the  vaginal applicator in this way, each test will be performed correctly. Avoid the pH measurement zone coming into contact with other liquids.

3. Sit with your knees spread or with one foot on the toilet seat or other firm surface. Now use your free hand to gently spread the vaginal opening, carefully separating the outer labia. Insert the vaginal applicator gently into the vagina, in the same  way that you would use a tampon, see diagram 2. approx. 1 inch into the vagina – but not further than the round handle area) Inserting the vaginal applicators is completely pain-free. Now press the inserted tube against the back wall of the vagina with light pressure for approx. 10 seconds (pushing back towards the rectum), so that the pH measurement zone becomes well moistened. Sufficient moisture is very important for the test evaluation. Now carefully remove the vaginal applicator from the vagina.


Read the result immediately after removing the vaginal applicators, while the measurement zone is still damp. Compare the colour in the pH measurement zone with the color scale on the foil packaging and note the value on the colour scale that is most similar to the pH level you have measured. diagram 3. After evaluation, you may dispose of the used applicator with the regular household waste.

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